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Plastic sheet extrusion machine with high efficiency and energy saving technology is popular the market

by:Mengxing     2020-03-20
China plastics industry 'twelfth five-year' development strategy, with particular emphasis on the 'green development, low carbon development cycle of development, innovation for development' development strategy, plastic processing industry and the sustainable development of green plastic processing technology. Therefore manufacturing enterprises to actively developing high efficiency and energy saving technology has become a plastic sheet extrusion machine industry is an important reform, popular market will with high efficiency and energy saving technology. Has experienced the development and prosperity of new type extruder, plastic extrusion technology market in China, presents three significant characteristics: first, from all walks of life for the lid machine industry efficient, energy saving technology attention more and more high, with high efficiency, energy saving, high yield extruder technology innovation as the important development direction; Second: food and beverage, and the demand of the new energy industry such as high performance flexible packaging film has sustained, push the plastic film of multi-layer co-extrusion technology constantly; Third: extrusion technology, China began to all kinds of form a complete set of spare parts and auxiliary equipment to increase efforts in research and development, speed up the application of new technology and the pace of expansion, promote the rise of the technical level of the whole system cup machines.
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