On the market the most common system cup machine has several?

by:Mengxing     2020-02-27
In the market, many different kinds of cup making machine, one of the most common basically has the following kinds: 1, plastic blow molding machine: sheet machine use compressed air to radial huff parison, tiejin blow molding mold, extrusion blow molding equipment. 2, press and transfer molding machine: the main forming method for thermosetting plastics, thermosetting plastic is made from a variety of plastic products mainly molding equipment. 3, plastic injection moulding machine, also called injection molding machine, is a kind of injection molding machine and molding. Is the fastest growing plastic machinery products, specifications, production one of the largest number of system cup machines. 4, plastic extruder, lid machine after 100 years of development, now more rich, the kinds of plastic extrusion machinery for no matter now or in the future, are widely used in plastic processing industry of one of the models. 5, multi-layer blow molding, extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding two. Is the fastest growing in the plastic processing industry, one of the widely used ones. Cup machine drive system, the design system of oil, paper cup machine, at bottom, sealing, knurling, preheating, heat, double bottom, v edge and out of the cup will paper cups. Complete paper cup molding and its transmission and finely the main part of the plan, this part mainly by sweeping the heating of paper cups, preheating, knurling, double bottom, edge and a refund process. Making a cup of machine this part of the action is primarily a CAM mechanism, course four-bar linkage, intermittent mechanism etc. This article will to elucidating the system born cup machine manufacturing process, make a cup of machine transmission planning focus on, and on this based on uplink transmission planning combined of finely machine, mainly for belt drive, CAM drive, chain drive, preference indexing CAM wheel transmission, surface combined intermittent mechanism and main shaft development detailed planning. This automatic system cup machine smaller power consumption, reasonable structure, convenient operation, high efficiency, stable performance, to the increasing market demand to meet the further at present.
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