Mix machine installation instructions

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
1, place the mix machine mechanical smoothly, packed good mixing materials pattern in the foot, mat, make mix machine mechanical energy to function properly. 2, mixing machine before use, first check with machine equipment parts bolt looseness even whether joint. Will need to go places with good oil, but in the no-load running, check the mix machine firmware is loose, electrical whether normal, whether mechanical working normally, if there is any abnormal repair and debugging. 3, trial without any noise, mix the feeder tube body without adverse phenomenon, the locking bolt loosening, remove the plug, packed material, cover to cover gasket, locking bolt, can be used. Add SAP can't within the prescribed weight, to start the machine running, if discovery is unusual, must stop check. 4, xinji when use, must pay attention to the machine for the occurrence of abnormal phenomena in the rotation. Mixing time about 7 minutes, according to the material. After mixing, the discharge valve of the starting handle downward motion, make the material flow.
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