Making a cup of machine module shortly concept was put forward

by:Mengxing     2020-03-12
Kumite cup machine industrial production companies, has introduced to meet user needs, as well as bring itself - Economic benefits of marketable products, is the fundamental purpose of the enterprise. Thus to explore the development of low cost, adaptable to new products, is the science and technology workers duty-bound matter. Despite making cup machine module soon concept was put forward, and there are no known authority definition, but it is not a product of accidental inspiration, it summarized predecessors' experience, sums up the law of the production practice and analysis of the inevitable outcome of the market demand. Besides the module itself and its system is composed of the objective existence of the things in the real world. Lid machine industrial products have a variety of module system of modularity, such as modular machine tool, modularization industrial steam turbine, industrial robots, etc.
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