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Lid machine in the production of plastic cap with the application of plastic cup

by:Mengxing     2020-06-09
We often use of disposable plastic cups to serving drinks or drinking water, but now both one-off plastic cup and ordinary cup has a lid. And disposable plastic cup with lid machine combinations are mainly used to produce plastic cold drink shop or a fast food restaurant, now when it comes to the use of disposable plastic cup with lid and now, we are familiar with, in recent years, appeared in the cafe in the city or other forms of drink shops are used to plastic plastic cups and plastic cover, the main reason is because the material cost is not high, but also very high plasticity, can be made into all kinds of shape, and chemical properties of the plastic itself also more stable. And the typical one-off plastic cup making machine is adopted to manufacture, are generally produce disposable plastic cups, with unified and lid machine to produce the plastic cover is matching with the same specifications of the disposable plastic cups. And the lid machine is usually adopts the principle of forming process of plastic cover, heating plastic sheets, and then through the stainless steel mold to suppression of plastic sheet, make plastic molding, and mold has a certain specifications, so of the specifications of the plastic molding is unified.
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