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Laminating machine temperature and pressure range

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Temperature is the first factor of pre-coating film laminating, because the pre-coating film on the adhesive is hot melt adhesive, temperature determines the molten state of the hot melt adhesive, determines the hot melt adhesive molecules to BOPP film, printed ink film, paper and so on the penetration and diffusion ability. Although the effect of temperature increase helps bonding strength enhancement, but high temperature membrane causes contraction, product surface bright, sparkling, make products to produce wrinkles. According to the practical experience, the effect of temperature should be controlled between 70 ~ 100 ℃. Laminating machine the surface of the paper is not smooth, only where appropriate, under the pressure of the molten state of the surface of the hot melt adhesive can completely cover print, resin coated products to light, laminating machine out of the bond effect is good. Pressure is small, the stick is not a prison; Some under pressure, help to improve the bonding force between the film and paper products. However, if the pressure is too big, and easy to make the product produce wrinkles, and easy to make rubber roller surface injury, deformation, reduce the service life of rubber roller. With the increase of pressure, make the contact pressure between the rubber roller and heating roller, make laminating machine two roller shaft head, bearing load, wear, and make the load of the transmission system, thus laminating machine too much stress can affect the service life of the machine.
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