Kraft paper tube membrane technology to create high quality paper

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Drench in Western Europe in the early 1970 s by membrane technology and get the printing industry promotion, until the development of technology in the 21st century, drench membrane technology not only limited in the plastic film, non-woven tube are derived from the film, photo film, all kinds of paper film, and so on. Today Yang Ge sincerely recommend kraft paper, membrane technology. Kraft paper tube membrane technology to create high quality paper. Our daily life often come into contact with the kraft paper, packing paper, envelopes, and in industrial use, kraft paper, can be used as a printing press roller packing purposes. As one of important packaging materials, kraft paper, laminating process to ensure the high tensile strength, rupture work and dynamic strength, kraft paper, generally quantitative 80 ~ 120 g/m2, breaking length is in commonly 6000 m or more. Kraft paper was higher than ordinary paper toughness, resistance to damage of wear-resisting is mainly due to the structure of the paper adopts the long wood fiber, which is why the kraft paper is popular among all the packaging industry, but the packing cost will be relatively high.
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