Introduction of BOPS thermoforming machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
BOPS compared to other material has the advantage of relatively low density, can produce more packaging products, comprehensive performance and price, is a kind of ideal green material, chemical performance is stable, the production process does not produce toxic substances, can be completely recycled, BOPS sheet good pervious to light, appearance beautiful, after forming of BOPS sheet below 70 degrees temperature, almost the same size, temperature range is wide, deep processing, easy to decorate. BOPS thermoforming machine is BOPS sheet for raw materials processing equipment of box, dish, bowl etc. Compared to thermoforming, injection molding, the advantage is less equipment investment, produce products of the surface area. Molding machine most need to use the mould parts, hot forming dies in the characteristics of the structure female die and male die and mould, thermoforming mould has a direct influence on the shape and size of the parts, for production of product quality, production efficiency also has very big effect, such as so it's very important to choose to die.
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