Install and use the key points in the process of plastic cup machine instructions

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
Plastic cup machine in the process of installation and use, in order to ensure the driver under the normal temperature operation, attention should be paid to cable, ensure that can connect the right signals, guaranteeing the normal operation of the servo; Due to the use of different machines have different, in order to guarantee the normal operation of the servo, servo control model is set up correctly. Match according to the result of actual operation data, do not set the electronic positioning and gear running than data under the condition of the servo and motor running. In order to prevent intervention and get an electric shock, be sure to motor driver interface grounding, correct connection driver and the casing. The data signal as far as possible choose shielding wire connected to the interface end of the shell. To prevent signal interference, prevent the intervention and control signal of the encoded signal source, need to try to keep enough distance. Above is the preparation in the process of installation and use of plastic need to be aware of the point.
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