Characteristics of the automatic coating machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
Automatic coating machine adopts the infinite variable speed motor, precise control coating rate, rail push wet film preparation, disc dryer of wet membrane preparation of no special shape size. Placed on the edge of the stainless steel waste collection in the top left of the coating and the base plate, collecting redundant paint, to ensure that the device itself and the surrounding area clean. one The characteristics of the automatic coating machine 1. Automatic coating machine to obtain the coating appearance, physical and chemical properties, uniform coating. 2. Different paint coating from 50 - speed Adjustable (500 mm/SEC Increment is: 10 mm/SEC) 3. Presetting four procedures in order to obtain the best coating effect. 4. Adjustable speed of coating from the keyboard and move backward and forward 5. Counter record start and stop time, the speed to stop two 200 mm/SEC. Automatic coating machine main technical parameters of 1 coating base size: 470 mm x 200 mm 2 can be coated length: 230 mm 3 coating rate: O 4 ~ 8 cm/s stepless total power: 10 ow 5 power supply: 220 v, 50 hz 6 dimensions: 470 x370x24mm ( Length x width x height) Weight: 7 kg
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