About the lack of cup thermoforming products and management problems

by:Mengxing     2020-06-10
We often see at ordinary times, and often use disposable plastic cup and some snack box is adopted thermoforming machinery manufacturing, and system of the machine is used in the production of disposable plastic cup production equipment. In comparison, as another hot molding equipment, lunch box machine is one of the current more equipment used in the food industry. And as a result of these plastic products are widely used in food, medicine, beverages, such as packaging, so the health requirement on the quality of our products is very high. Production of plastic packaging products 'one-off' usually used materials are: PVC, PET, HIPS, KPS, PP, PE, BOPS, OPS, ABS, biodegradable materials, etc. Although these mechanical production of plastic products used in the city life more and more, the development of more and more powerful, actually this kind of thermoforming plastic products also has some deficiency, because of the hot forming products because of the pollution in the process of production, appear black spots, feeding point by return as well as the quality problems of phenomenon appear occasionally. Visible factors of the pollution of disposable plastic packaging products is more complex, not enterprise has passed the certification of ISO9000 and ISO14000 international can eliminate. Why is that? Because of pollution can be caused by many factors, often by those non-professional, inexperienced management ignored, or taken some appropriate measures.
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